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Function Index

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Index Entry  Section

action-position: Actions
action-property: Actions
action?: Actions
active-page: Windows and views
active-pages: Core page functions
add-attrib!: Miscellanous gschem functions
add-config-event!: Configuration events
arc-center: Arcs
arc-end-angle: Arcs
arc-info: Arcs
arc-radius: Arcs
arc-start-angle: Arcs
arc?: Arcs
attach-attribs!: Core attribute functions
attrib-attachment: Core attribute functions
attrib-inherited?: Core attribute functions
attrib-name: Core attribute functions
attrib-value: Core attribute functions
attribute?: Core attribute functions

bind-keys!: Key mapping
box-bottom-right: Boxes
box-info: Boxes
box-top-left: Boxes
box?: Boxes
bus-pin?: Pins
bus?: Nets and buses

circle-center: Circles
circle-info: Circles
circle-radius: Circles
circle?: Circles
close-page!: Core page functions
component-angle: Components
component-append!: Components
component-basename: Components
component-contents: Components
component-info: Components
component-locked?: Components
component-mirror?: Components
component-position: Components
component-remove!: Components
component?: Components
config-boolean: Configuration parameters
config-boolean-list: Configuration parameters
config-changed?: Configuration contexts
config-filename: Configuration contexts
config-groups: Configuration parameters
config-has-group?: Configuration parameters
config-has-key?: Configuration parameters
config-inherited?: Configuration parameters
config-int: Configuration parameters
config-int-list: Configuration parameters
config-keys: Configuration parameters
config-load!: Configuration contexts
config-loaded?: Configuration contexts
config-real: Configuration parameters
config-real-list: Configuration parameters
config-save!: Configuration contexts
config-set!: Configuration parameters
config-source: Configuration parameters
config-string: Configuration parameters
config-string-list: Configuration parameters
config-trusted-context: Configuration contexts
config-trusted?: Configuration contexts
context-parent: Configuration contexts
copy-object: General object functions

default_config_context: Configuration contexts
define-action: Actions
deselect-object!: Selections
detach-attribs!: Core attribute functions

eval-action!: Actions
eval-action-at-point!: Actions
expand-env-variables: System information

fold-bounds: Object bounds

inherited-attribs: Core attribute functions

key->display-string: Key mapping
key->string: Key mapping
key?: Key mapping
keymap-bind-key!: Key mapping
keymap-for-each: Key mapping
keymap-lookup-binding: Key mapping
keymap-lookup-key: Key mapping
keymap?: Key mapping
keys->display-string: Key mapping
keys->string: Key mapping
keys?: Key mapping

line-end: Lines
line-info: Lines
line-start: Lines
line?: Lines
lookup-binding: Key mapping
lookup-keys: Key mapping

make-action: Actions
make-arc: Arcs
make-box: Boxes
make-bus: Nets and buses
make-bus-pin: Pins
make-circle: Circles
make-component: Components
make-component/library: Components
make-keymap: Key mapping
make-line: Lines
make-net: Nets and buses
make-net-pin: Pins
make-page: Core page functions
make-picture/vector: Pictures
make-text: Text
mirror-objects!: Object transformations

net-pin?: Pins
net?: Nets and buses

object-attribs: Core attribute functions
object-bounds: Object bounds
object-color: Object color
object-component: General object functions
object-connections: General object functions
object-fill: Object fill and stroke
object-page: Core page functions
object-selected?: Selections
object-stroke: Object fill and stroke
object-stroke-cap: Object fill and stroke
object-stroke-dash: Object fill and stroke
object-stroke-width: Object fill and stroke
object-type: Object sub-types
object-type?: Object sub-types
object?: General object functions

page->string: Core page functions
page-append!: Core page functions
page-contents: Core page functions
page-dirty?: Core page functions
page-filename: Core page functions
page-remove!: Core page functions
page-selection: Selections
page?: Core page functions
parse-attrib: Core attribute functions
path-config-context: Configuration contexts
path-insert!: Paths
path-length: Paths
path-ref: Paths
path-remove!: Paths
path?: Paths
picture-angle: Pictures
picture-bottom-right: Pictures
picture-filename: Pictures
picture-info: Pictures
picture-mirror?: Pictures
picture-top-left: Pictures
picture?: Pictures
pin?: Pins
platform: System information
platform?: System information
pointer-position: Windows and views
promotable-attribs: Core attribute functions
promote-attribs!: Core attribute functions

remove-config-event!: Configuration events
rotate-objects!: Object transformations

select-object!: Selections
set-action-property!: Actions
set-active-page!: Windows and views
set-arc!: Arcs
set-attrib-value!: Core attribute functions
set-box!: Boxes
set-circle!: Circles
set-component!: Components
set-config-parent!: Configuration contexts
set-config-trusted!: Configuration contexts
set-line!: Lines
set-object-color!: Object color
set-object-fill!: Object fill and stroke
set-object-stroke!: Object fill and stroke
set-page-dirty!: Core page functions
set-page-filename!: Core page functions
set-picture!: Pictures
set-text!: Text
set-text-string!: Text
set-text-visibility!: Text
show-file: Miscellanous gschem functions
show-uri: Miscellanous gschem functions
snap-point: Windows and views
string->key: Key mapping
string->keys: Key mapping
string->page: Core page functions
sys-config-dirs: System information
sys-data-dirs: System information
system-config-context: Configuration contexts

text-align: Text
text-angle: Text
text-attribute-mode: Text
text-center: Text
text-info: Text
text-size: Text
text-string: Text
text-visible?: Text
text?: Text
translate-objects!: Object transformations

user-config-context: Configuration contexts
user-config-dir: System information
user-data-dir: System information

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